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Q&A: How does receiving Disability affect my Social Security benefits later in life?

2 Comments 26 December 2010

Question by suzjoy: How does receiving Disability affect my Social Security benefits later in life?
I started getting Disability in my 50s, and am now 61. I receive just Disability (not SSI), and am wondering what happens at age 65? Do I start receiving regular SS, and does it end earlier than if I hadnever gotten Disability?? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by little78lucky
If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits when you reach full retirement age, those benefits will be converted to retirement benefits.

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Most popular Disability auctions

No Comments 11 December 2010

Most popular Disability eBay auctions:

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Disabled World Introduces Disability Community Blogs Section

No Comments 04 December 2010

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Disabled World Introduces Disability Community Blogs Section

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) April 8, 2009

Disabled World has introduced a new section aimed at more professional Writers who wish to contribute to Disabled World and the International Disability Community through independent, dedicated blogs.

Disabled World, the premier online International Disability Website, came online in 2004 thanks to the efforts of Lynn and Ian Langtree, who perceived the need for an Internet community for persons with disabilities. Disabled World offers News, Health Information, a Community Area and many additional services to persons with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and persons with health issues.

The new Disability Blogging area at Disabled World is open to skilled Writers who are dedicated to blogging at Disabled World, presenting information to the International Community that gathers there. Individual Blogs are established for Writers who wish to present information, as well as presentation of their writings through unique RSS feeds.

Thomas C. Weiss, M.A. is one of the first Writers to have joined the new Disability Blogs area available to Writers at Disabled World; he presents articles related to several areas of the disability realm. From the numbers of viewers and members reading his articles, the reaction to additional Writers should be very welcoming as awareness of this new area grows. Members of the site are happy to have the opportunity to blog through the, ‘Melting Pot,’ and Ian Langtree himself posts items through a Blog in this area of Disabled World.

Members at Disabled World also have the benefit of participating in the Disability Community Area, where there are many people who meet for friendship, shared good times, games and fun. The news available at Disabled World covers articles related to disability from around the world. There is an immense amount of health-related information available at Disabled World, and the amount of information grows daily.

Ian Langtree is quoted as saying, “I am very excited about the Disability Blog area of Disabled World, it gives skilled Writers the opportunity to participate in an International Community while gaining the recognition they deserve.”


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3 Comments 24 October 2010

Question by goldie: disability?
would it be legal to get disability check for diabetes?

Best answer:

Answer by Smart Bird
If it is so disibilitationg that it prevents you from performing any type of work YES you can

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No Comments 24 September 2010

Question by alyssamarie17: Disability?
I have been on disability in the past but lost my benefits because they evaluated my and said I was no longer disiabled. Now I have a lawyer who has documentation that I am. What are my chances of being approved? and how long does it take to get a court date?

Best answer:

Answer by debijs
You aren’t giving enough information. Are you talking about social security benefits? If so, it depends on which office you are assigned to, and what their waiting time is. As far as getting benefits, it would depend on how well your disability is documented, when they review your medical records. They can also send you to their own doctors. If you are talking about state disbility benefits, it would depend on which state you live in to help you get the answers your looking for. If you are talking about workers compensation benefts, that would also vary be state. You really need to be more specific on what kind of benefits you are asking about, what state you live in, and what your disability is before someone can really help you with an answer.

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